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Pediatric Breathing Exercises |

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Parents and caregivers can teach children relaxation techniques that help them cope with tension. Some children simply might need help winding down after a busy day. Yoga Journal recommends breath practices that are age-appropriate. Fun, engaging exercises can calm a child's mind and body. Bringing awareness to the breath will also establish healthful breathing habits for life.

Lion's Breath

Children love practicing lion’s breath because it forces silliness and growling. Yoga Journal recommends starting by sitting back on your heels. Rest your palms on your thighs and sit up straight. Inhale deeply. On the exhale, spread your finger tips, sliding your hands toward your knees. Arch your spine and gaze at the ceiling. Extend your tongue down to your chin and force a growl as you expel all of the air at once.

Birthday Candle Breath

Candle breath incorporates a familiar visualization. It is also a calming way to help a child transition from activity to rest. Start in a cross-legged seated position. Count to four as you inhale deeply, filling your belly with air. After a brief pause, make an O shape with your mouth and slowly exhale as you count to four again. Imagine gently blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.

Relaxation Breath

Sandra Rief of recommends relaxation breathing to help children focus on resting their bodies. While lying down, squeeze and tighten your toes. Inhale through your nose for three counts. Exhale through your mouth, slowly releasing the toes. On the next inhale, imagine squeezing your knees and legs. Count to three and exhale through your mouth, releasing the tension in your legs. Continue this practice covering the entire body: the belly, chest, neck, face, hands, arms and shoulders.

Color Breathing

Rief also describes a color breathing technique to comfort children who are anxious, ill or injured. Begin by lying down. Close your eyes and choose a color that makes you feel peaceful and happy. As you inhale through your nose and expand your belly, imagine the breath carrying that color into your body. Visualize it moving softly through entire body all the way to your toes before gently exhaling through your mouth.


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