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Exercises For Breathing Longer |

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Exercises that work your large muscle groups will help you breathe longer, according to the American Heart Association. Classified as endurance exercises, these exercises will increase your heart rate for an extended period of time. Exercising at a moderately brisk level for 30 minutes on at least five days per week will provide the best results. At this level of exercise, you should be able to talk; if not, you are overdoing it.

Stairs or Steps

Stair climbing can be included as an exercise for breathing longer. As an activity, stair climbing is classified as an endurance exercise by the American Heart Association. Walking up a flight of stairs increases your heart rate and rate of breathing. Walk to the top of the stairs. Rest for five seconds. Walk back down the stairs. Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes. Gradually increase to 30 minutes. If stairs are not available, do step aerobics. Purchase a step used in step aerobics, and use it as you would actual stairs: Raise your right foot onto the step; bring your left foot onto the step; lower your right foot back to the surface; lower your left foot back down. Keep repeating this maneuver for 10 minutes, three times daily. Take the stairs instead of elevators and/or escalators. Many gyms have stair-climbing workout machines; using an elliptical machine can also simulate stair climbing.

Aerobic Dancing

Dancing can help you breathe longer. As part of its physical activity guidelines, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends dancing as an aerobic exercise for adults between 18 and 65. Fast-paced dances provide the best aerobic endurance exercise, the American Heart Association adds. Choose a dance or two that you enjoy to increase your interest level. Examples of dance styles include ballroom, waltz, salsa and ballet. Dancing lessons can help you learn the steps --- and provide dancing partners. Aerobic dancing classes combine aerobic exercises with music, the Ayushveda website notes. Types of dancing movements included in aerobic dancing can include disco, ballet, tap, hip-hop and country line-dancing.


Walking can be the simplest way for you to get started in your program of exercises to help you breath longer, giving you a chance to get involved in exercising, and get your body moving. The only cost involved is that of a good pair of walking shoes. Walking is cheap, easy to do and can be a social activity when done with others, according to the American Heart Association. Walking with a partner,or group can help you stay with the activity longer. It can decrease your chances of becoming bored. Join an online community of walkers to stay motivated and supported. If you're walking outdoors, be aware of your environment: Be careful on uneven pavement; walk in well-lit areas. Start walking while exploring new areas. Walking trails at a local park can be an enjoyable exercise. Go backpacking. Take your dog for a daily walk.


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