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The term "cadence" refers to a pattern of breathing engaged while running. Most runners try a cadence that is related to the amount of steps being taken, while other runners prefer a cadence that is all their own. If you are thinking seriously about running, you should know that good runners always keep a steady cadence while running to regulate their breathing and lung function. Finding a cadence that works for you through cadence-breathing exercises can help you improve your stamina while running.

Step Ratio

Most runners prefer a cadence that is related to the timing of when their feet hit the pavement, notes the Military website. A popular cadence ration is a 3-to-2 inhale and exhale pattern where you inhale for three counts and exhale for two to make sure your body gets the optimum amount of oxygen for the most stamina. No matter what the most popular cadence ratio is, you should find the one that works best for you by going for a jog and testing out several rations until you find the one that makes you feel the best while exercising.

Musical Cadence

Those who like to workout with music may find that using the beat of the songs is an excellent way to practice cadence, notes the Trying Fitness website. Before exercising, fill your iPod with songs that keep a rhythm that is fairly close to the pace that you would like to set. Sit down and listen to the music, mapping out your cadence for each song. You may find that interspersing upbeat songs with slower songs gives you the right amount of stamina and intensity through your workout. Once you have practiced breathing in time with the music, try listening as you workout. You will likely end up tweaking your rhythm when exercising, but your music can give you an ideal way to control your breathing through cadence.

Affirmation Chanting

If you are the type of person who uses affirmations and mottoes to keep going when exhausted, turn your affirmations into inspirational chants that control your breathing and keep you going when you are fatigued. Adopt a chant of short, one syllable words, like "I can do this." Then, practice breathing in with the chant and breathing out, to create a 4-to-4 ratio of breathing. If you want to adopt a 4-to-3 ratio, try chanting "I can do this" while inhaling and "Yes, I can" while exhaling. This will help control your breathing and give you an extra boost of confidence while exercising.


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